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Is there a crane or jib that is so easy and easy to use? !! Gimbal Crane is so easy to set up and brings great visual effects. With a total weight (5M Gimbal Crane) of 1.5kg, it is made of a surprisingly light and surprisingly durable carbon pipe.

The second and third digits of the model number indicate the thickness.  50X,70X

The first digit represents the length.  XX5

Shipping fee will be charged separately.

QKC is QUICKRANE Carbonfiber



I've been a location photographer for over 20 years, but I love the shooting effects of JIB and CRANE.

However, I didn't use it much because I didn't like setting and transportation.

This QUICKRANE improves the troublesome part of JIB and CRANE so far.

It is an epoch-making thing that makes you want to take out JIB, CRANE anytime, anywhere.

Four years have passed since the development, and the newly developed pipe with a diameter of 70 mm has increased the load capacity.

By using LightSTAND instead of using a tripod as before

The setting time has been greatly reduced.

The lineup is

QUICKRANE  LocaCrane 3


QKC505 Super

QKC705 Super

There are three types.

the price is,

QUICKRANE  LocaCrane 3   $ 2,000

QKC505 $ 10,000

QKC505 Super $ 12,000

QKC705 Super $ 20,000


All are made to order.

For orders from overseas, production will start after confirming the full transfer.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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